STRATI arised in august 2013 from the synergy of Brancaleone club with one of his most loyal and undisputed protagonists, Donato Dozzy, along with Giuseppe Tillieci aka Neel (formerly co-author of the acclaimed project "Voices from the lake").
A multidisciplinary path designed to rediscover the electronic creativity and passion for a hi-quality dancefloor, including audio-visual live sets, djs, visual art, installations, performances and workshops. Creativity unexplored for fans and curious souls, new spaces for partying and mind-blowing.

With a reflection on digital urban culture, STRATI looks for a link between the creative process and the pleasure of the live performance, an alternative to the proliferation of commercial and standard formats.
We think the public must be respected and we want to take chances with new proposals, different, not always easy and sometimes with unknown artists to the general public.
STRATI intends to position itself into a perspective that resumes the research of new sounds, sights, stories and ways of being together and partying. To the public and us, we ask ourselves to observe and recognize this risk as a challenge and an added value.

Not taking it too seriously and opening to the unexpected, STRATI has also a clear party attitude.

All year long, at least once a month.

Different floors Manifold surfaces Interconnected structures Depths to explore Boundaries to cross