Algoritmo meets Strati: Marco Shuttle 3h dj set

05 Nov 2016 Saturday Vicious Club Via Achille Grandi 7/a 01.00 15 eur

Main Room

  • Marco Shuttle IT - Eerie / Spazio Dispobile
  • Owl IT - Anekoic Records
  • Valerio Gomez de Ayala IT - natural/electronic.system. / Tikita



Marco Shuttle

Eerie Spazio Dispobile

Berlin based but born in Treviso, a small city near Venice (Italy), Marco has been involved in the local underground club scene since he was 15, as a promoter and then as a DJ.
His own productions are usually very deep and dark and often tend to have strong percussive elements with dry electronic sounds and groovy basslines.
2012 saw the launch of his own label EERIE records
As result of the very international success of his production and the reputation gained by his label he performed as a dj worldwide and especially 2013 saw an increase of bookings from some of the most prestigious clubs and Festivals in the world.


Anekoic Records

Mirko Peschiaroli is a young artist born in Rome. At the age of 16 he discovers his passion for electronic music that brings him to the world of clubbing and electronic music. Some years later he finds his identity in the dark and mysterious side of techno. He gains experience playing in several clubs in Rome and in 2013 he gets the dj residency at Algoritmo, a solid party in Roma.

Valerio Gomez de Ayala

natural/electronic.system. Tikita

Valerio Gomez de Ayala was born in Naples (Italy) in 1984, and he’s now based in Rome since 2011. He's one half of the dj/producer duo natural/electronic.system.
At the end of the '90s, he started collecting techno, IDM, ambient, experimental, house and electronic music records from all over the world. He was later influenced by the florid Neapolitan house/techno scene and inspired by the foreign djs coming to perform in Naples clubs.

He met his friend Antonio in high school. Together they founded the natural/electronic.system. project in order to express their personal definition of sound, mixing together different genres of electronic music during dj sets aimed at having organic textures of sound.

Over the years they became keen on the old and modern sound coming from another Italian city, Rome, where they started connections with local musicians. At the same time, n/e.s. started performing dj sets in different Italian cities, while running some nights in Naples and private parties in the forests on the slope of the volcano Vesuvius. In 2009, natural/electronic.system. took part to the mighty Labyrinth festival in Japan.

Since then, they started exporting their distinctive sound in different clubs and festivals. Since 2012 Valerio is resident DJ at the STRATI night in Rome.