STRATI Opening Party

12 Sep 2014 Friday Brancaleone Via Levanna 13 23.00 - 05.00 10 eur

Main Room

  • Reka ES - Tresor
  • Valerio Gomez de Ayala IT - natural/electronic.system. / Tikita
  • Nuel IT - Aquaplano




Despite her education as a scientist, Rebeca has shown a great interest in the arts sinceshe was very young: photography, graphic design and of course music among others... Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have the chance to learn how to play piano, guitar or any other instruments. Nevertheless, she started collecting music as early as she could remember. Disco, Pop, Italodisco, bands like Vangelis, OMD and Depeche Mode shaped her childhood soundtrack. Later on, acid house and new-beat arrived. In this way and without being aware, she was on to club music at the age of 12. Several years after, she would discover clubbing, the figure of DJ and of course... Techno.

It wasn’t until she finished her degree in Genetics in 2003, having more free time and being eager to develop her artistic side, that she got her turntables and started mixing.

In 2004, she was offered to run a little club in Madrid together with a close friend. They called the club “LeChic”. And so that is how they were named after when Dj HELL invited them to join the International Deejay Gigolos crew, becoming the very first female DJ duo in Spain and one of the first internationally. “leMIx”, was launchedon GIGOLO RECORDS and was very well received by the critics of the Spanish and international specialized press.

In 2007 she had the privilege of being selected to participate in the REDBULL MUSIC ACADEMY, which took place that year in Toronto, Canada.

After few years of touring around Europe, leChic comes to an end as a project and she began her solo path as REKA focusing then on her darker and more underground side.

Valerio Gomez de Ayala

natural/electronic.system. Tikita

Valerio Gomez de Ayala was born in Naples (Italy) in 1984, and he’s now based in Rome since 2011. He's one half of the dj/producer duo natural/electronic.system.
At the end of the '90s, he started collecting techno, IDM, ambient, experimental, house and electronic music records from all over the world. He was later influenced by the florid Neapolitan house/techno scene and inspired by the foreign djs coming to perform in Naples clubs.

He met his friend Antonio in high school. Together they founded the natural/electronic.system. project in order to express their personal definition of sound, mixing together different genres of electronic music during dj sets aimed at having organic textures of sound.

Over the years they became keen on the old and modern sound coming from another Italian city, Rome, where they started connections with local musicians. At the same time, n/e.s. started performing dj sets in different Italian cities, while running some nights in Naples and private parties in the forests on the slope of the volcano Vesuvius. In 2009, natural/electronic.system. took part to the mighty Labyrinth festival in Japan.

Since then, they started exporting their distinctive sound in different clubs and festivals. Since 2012 Valerio is resident DJ at the STRATI night in Rome.



Nuel is an Italian DJ, live musician and producer who has a reputation for sculpting perfectly hypnotic and meditative sounds. He distills rhythm, groove and texture into powerful compositions that can be techno, can be ambient or can be trance inducing and wholly downtempo. He does so to stunningly absorbing effect in LP form on labels like Further and Aquaplano and as well as his solo concerns, Nuel is also a chief studio partner of Donato Dozzy: together the pair have put out many seminal deep techno, minimal and tribal soundscapes that are much fawned over.

Part of a new wave of Italian techno producers, Nuel isn't someone to sit still for too long. As well as those expensive and highly sought after Aquaplano EPs, he has also put out perfectly smooth and compelling drum & bass and electro beats and has recently been locked away working on a wealth of new material. In 2016 he releases EPs on a number of labels, as well as a sophomore full length on Seattle’s Further Records in 2016 entitled Hyperboreal.

As a DJ, Nuel is just as focussed on mood, texture and atmosphere and manages to suck people into his supple, shadowy yet surprizing techno-scapes whenever he plays. He layers up elongated synths, subtle bleeps and blips and a whole world of intergalactic motifs that make you feel as if you are flying through deepest darkest space or travelling to the centre of the earth. His sounds are expertly reduced yet masterfully impactful, always coming imbued with a cerebral sense of hypnotism that you simply cannot fake.