28 Nov 2015 Saturday Atelier Montez Via di Pietralata 147/a 00.00 - 05.00 10 eur

Main Room

  • Roberto Bosco IT - Last Drop Records / Figure SPC
  • Luigi Tozzi IT - Outis Music / Hypnus Records
  • Valerio Gomez de Ayala IT - natural/electronic.system. / Tikita


Roberto Bosco

Last Drop Records Figure SPC

Roberto Bosco is an artist of exceptional insight, characterized by a continuous research in
his art and by covering a wide range of its applications.Since the beginning of his career as a DJ he was able to convey his personality to the dancefloor. A simple and effective rhythm,hypnotic sequences and harmonic twists are the main reasons why he arrived at the court of the great of the world electronic scene. At the end of 2007 he was selected by Orlando Voorn as a remixer for “Game One” track of the legendary Juan Atkins, subsequently recording with labels such as Shlomi Aber’s Be As One, Len Faki’ Figure and the glorious Francois Kevorkian’s Wave Music.

In 2011 he met Chez Damier and this meeting led to the start of the Introspective project, Roberto’s musical creation inspired by more warm and sensual sonorities. In 2012 he moved to Berlin to give further outlet to his creative impulses: during this period Roberto worked at the release of “State Of Mind” EP published for the historic Kirk Degiorgio’s ART imprint. After returning home, Roberto had new artistic necessities: he decided, with his friend Kiny, to found Last Drop Records label, which kicked off in 2014.

Roberto Bosco continues, every day and tirelessly, to nourish his soul with music and to collect support in the field. Both as a DJ and as a producer, he has extensively tested his bents, starting his journey towards the perfect balance between work and creativity.

Luigi Tozzi

Outis Music Hypnus Records

Born and educated in Rome, the young Italian producer Luigi Tozzi was strongly influenced by the roman scene and its local artists, many of whom gave a crucial contribution to the birth and growth of the deep techno sound. Luigi’s music has so far been released on the established label Dynamic Reflection as well as setting a regular cooperation with the very promising and mysterious techno label Hypnus Records from Sweden, where he found a platform that inspired him to develop his style. Melting the tribal and hypnotic elements of techno with the atmospheric and emotional side of ambient music he is making his own path in the world of electronics. Recently this has gotten him in contact with Dino Sabatini which led to the opportunity to join Outis Music.

Valerio Gomez de Ayala

natural/electronic.system. Tikita

Valerio Gomez de Ayala was born in Naples (Italy) in 1984, and he’s now based in Rome since 2011. He's one half of the dj/producer duo natural/electronic.system.
At the end of the '90s, he started collecting techno, IDM, ambient, experimental, house and electronic music records from all over the world. He was later influenced by the florid Neapolitan house/techno scene and inspired by the foreign djs coming to perform in Naples clubs.

He met his friend Antonio in high school. Together they founded the natural/electronic.system. project in order to express their personal definition of sound, mixing together different genres of electronic music during dj sets aimed at having organic textures of sound.

Over the years they became keen on the old and modern sound coming from another Italian city, Rome, where they started connections with local musicians. At the same time, n/e.s. started performing dj sets in different Italian cities, while running some nights in Naples and private parties in the forests on the slope of the volcano Vesuvius. In 2009, natural/electronic.system. took part to the mighty Labyrinth festival in Japan.

Since then, they started exporting their distinctive sound in different clubs and festivals. Since 2012 Valerio is resident DJ at the STRATI night in Rome.