Outer Space (Rome première)

Spectrum Spools

Outer Space is the core duo of John Elliott and Andrew Veres, established in 2007.
Elliott heads the premier Spectrum Spools imprint in addition to creating work as Imaginary Softwoods, and was also a member of the now defunct Emeralds. Veres joined in 2010 and became a central member with his clever arrangement technique and production mastery; engineering, mixing and mastering projects for top artists like Gary War, Sapphire Slows, Emeralds, and countless others.
Outer Space fuses classic Berlin School synthesizer music, Musique Concrète, and Minimal Techno, birthing a fresh and unique approach to sound and structure.
The duo released “Akashic Record” (Spectrum Spools 2011) and “II” (Blast First Petite 2012) to much praise.
Outer Space have performed at the Labyrinth (Japan), Sound Summit (Australia), and the Bunker (NYC) as well as countless other events worldwide.