Refracted (Italian première)

Mind ExpressSilent Season

Music is all about connections, and is at it´s most vital when it speaks to you in a voice only you seem to hear. For Refracted, electronic music, and techno in particular, is the chosen medium to find his unique voice, to connect.

And a growing number of people, wanting more from techno than formulaic entertainment and a soundtrack to dance to, are connecting with his particular vision and peculiar sound. This might be because Refracted´s music feels as fundamentally human as it sounds otherworldly. It is techno more as an idea and conduit, than as an easily-labeled sound. It is dance music where layered rhythms act almost on a neural, sub epidermal level, while moving and evolving soundscapes acquire a tactile, understated physicality. Paramount examples of this can be found on releases on Refracted's own Mind Express label, and on celebrated labels like Canadian ambient/deep-techno imprint Silent Season and Pole Group, his path unravelling further, a mind set on favoring unflinching quality over quantity.
The dynamics created by this yearning to displace us from space and self, while rooted in a elemental, naturalistic approach, which catalyzes inner self discovery, are also at the foundation of his DJing. Spiritual, almost meditative, his sets possess a kinetic energy as well, which is a clear indication of a DJ who knows the fundamental role of dancing as part of the ritual. He wants to take us somewhere, the “where” being of our own choosing, the trail never being the most travelled.