Reka (Rome première )


Despite her education as a scientist, Rebeca has shown a great interest in the arts sinceshe was very young: photography, graphic design and of course music among others... Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have the chance to learn how to play piano, guitar or any other instruments. Nevertheless, she started collecting music as early as she could remember. Disco, Pop, Italodisco, bands like Vangelis, OMD and Depeche Mode shaped her childhood soundtrack. Later on, acid house and new-beat arrived. In this way and without being aware, she was on to club music at the age of 12. Several years after, she would discover clubbing, the figure of DJ and of course... Techno.

It wasn’t until she finished her degree in Genetics in 2003, having more free time and being eager to develop her artistic side, that she got her turntables and started mixing.

In 2004, she was offered to run a little club in Madrid together with a close friend. They called the club “LeChic”. And so that is how they were named after when Dj HELL invited them to join the International Deejay Gigolos crew, becoming the very first female DJ duo in Spain and one of the first internationally. “leMIx”, was launchedon GIGOLO RECORDS and was very well received by the critics of the Spanish and international specialized press.

In 2007 she had the privilege of being selected to participate in the REDBULL MUSIC ACADEMY, which took place that year in Toronto, Canada.

After few years of touring around Europe, leChic comes to an end as a project and she began her solo path as REKA focusing then on her darker and more underground side.