Ron Morelli (Rome première)


Producer, currently running the L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems) record label out of Brooklyn, NY.


L.I.E.S. project is really impressive. More than 60 releases in 3 years. In few words, can you describe your sound and the label philosophy?

There is no limitation to the sound on L.I.E.S. it spans from blissed out kraut rock jams, to epic techno tracks, to ambient music, to beat tracks and beyond. The philosophy is simple, to put out good music that we like.

In 2014 is still correct to talk about "experimental electronic sound"?

I don't know about experimental, so much falls under that term...more like under the table or off the beaten path make a bit more sense I guess

Which are, to you, the most surprising releases included in L.I.E.S. catalogue?

Well, nothing is a surprise to me as I put out all the music, so I hear it all first....maybe people who follow the label were surprised by records like Torn Hawk, KWC 92, Jahiliyya Fields, Hassan, Shadowlust...things that are not so dance floor oriented if you will.

Music for Shut-Ins. is a recent compilation of L.I.E.S. You often release compilations, which is the main concept above it? To make "order" in the L.I.E.S. massive production?

Yeah I feel like the comps at the end of the year are a nice way to possibly introduce the label to people that have not followed it from release to release but still want to check it out, it's also a good way of capturing a certain feeling of that time.

Your first solo album "Spit" turns into a darker sound, its not the same mood that you show on L.I.E.S.. Can you tell us more of this project?

Dom from Hospital asked me if I wanted do do a record for him and I said, I would. Then I just went into the studio and started cranking out tracks. I think I sent like 25 to Dom. It was great to work with him. As far as the sound, well yeah it's whatever comes out when you are working on the music, so yeah, I mean I don't ever think i'll make particularly uplifting music, but one never can tell what will happen.

How did you conceive the decision to publish Backpages, basically to follow up Spit or to add something different?

Those tracks were done in the same studio session and Dom said we should put them on a 12 inch so we did.

Your next solo project?

I will have another release on Hospital this spring called "Periscope Blues" it's an 8 track record kind of another album for lack of better words.