Svengalisghost (Rome première)


A child of light and magic, born on the steppes of redlight mountain. A wasteland beneath the city streets. The intention is to reveal what has been obscured by mediocrity. The methods shall be without mercy. Coercion thru seduction. Understanding via propaganda. Your will is ours to corrupt!!!



Which is the recipe of a perfect live set is?

A few beers and maybe a nice spliff or two before the show. haha. You need to massage your machines during the soundcheck so they are nice and relaxed. Make a sacrifice to the Live Pa gods and then you should be okay.

How did your sound changed during all you career?

Well i believe evolution as an artist is the key to longevity. My sound has evolved or changed since beginning for a number of reasons. when i first started i was using Reasons to make music so there as a limitation as to what i could do and at this time i was primarily a studio producer and hadn't considered doing live as i s saw the computer as a barrier. and at the same time i was using preset patches so that also influenced what i could accomplish. After this period i decided to focus on buying hardware which had a huge impact on what i did musically as now i was able to introduce a vocal element as well a construct my own patches from scratch. My sound is always changing as i constanly looking to new realms to explore. It is also influenced my new machines that i acquire. recently i removed the mopho from my setup and replaced it with a voica bass as well as buying tc electronic multi effects unit which has really given me the reverb and delay i was missing.

Talk us about your contribution to the project L.I.E.S.

I'm just a solider in the army of electronic warriors.

Technology + vinyls + voice. The tool you take care most is?

You have to take care of them all. it took me a while to find this out and if your gear gets hurt then you have to buy more which can be very stressful and quite expensive. The vinyl must be treated like an infant. nothing is worse than playing a track in a party and you here a click or scratch. so embarrassing.. and finally i smoke everyday to enhance my vocals characteristics. ahahah

Is better to create or to manipulate a sound?

I prefer to create my own patches from scratch. Its more of a pain but you get the satisfaction of knowing you are the only one with this sound in the world.

Trust in Pain is the first EP of Shadowlust, a brand new project by you and Lili Schulder. How did you two decide to collaborate?

One day I was moping around Soundcloud and saw some new follower called 51717 and thought the name was quite nice so decided to take a listen to her stuff. I was really amazed by this haunting vibe that her voice tends to exude, plus her version of Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love" blew my mind so I decided to follow her. The next day I got a friend request from someone on Facebook with just two Hebrew glyphs. So I wondered who this mysterious character was and discovered she was 51717 and that she was down with most of the cats in Brooklyn who ran in the same circle as Ron and my other L.I.E.S. comrades.
So I emailed back saying I loved her music and she asked me if I would be interested in laying some vocals down on one of her tracks. I wrote a poem called Trust In Pain and then I sent her a track "FutureTense" to do vocals and synth overdubs, but at this time there was no idea for a group. These were still tracks for our separate projects. But it was cool not really knowing this person except through emails. The idea to make ourselves some sort of group evolved during a Facebook chat and her showing me photos of some North Korean buildings and the Ryugyong Hotel really captivated us. We both gravitate toward the darker modes of thought. We sort of Lust after the Shadows ya know. But when I finally met her like 3 months ago we got together and jammed with SSPS as MysterySchool. Those sessions are online, but it wasn't until I went back to NYC for an unintended extended stay that we were able to have proper time to hang and lay down some Shadowlust tracks as well as perform a couple of gigs. I mean at our first proper session we tripped on chocolate candies and recorded on a 4 track. HA!! All the tracks evolved really organically. We actually just had out first european show here in paris and are in the process of recording about 12 new track for release in the next few months. so i am pretty excited about that as well. we actually will post the video in a few days.

You're north american and your dad introduced you to the listening of the disco music. Do you think this is still the base to start, to understand how to let people shake their ass on the dance floor?

I believe a producer should be a dj. how else will you know how the dancefloor actually works. you have to be in the field not in some lab theorizing what will happen. get dirty. I don't think it has to be disco music in particular maybe just something with a groove.

Which are the contemporary arts and artists which are the most influents to you? ( art - architecture and who in particular)

I am alway attracted to well executed painting. Kerry james Marshall is alway a fixture on my list of top painters. but its a revolving door on which medium influences me at a particular moment.