Ulwhednar (Abdullah Rashim & Varg - Italian première)

Northern Electronics

Ulwhednar is the collaborative project of Stockholm experimental techno figureheads Abdulla Rashim and Varg.
The duo effortlessly travels between the areas of drone, techno and sonic experiments, as seen in 2013's two cassettes, debut LP and the upcoming second full length vinyl on Northern Electronics.

Submerged in both rhythm and mystery, Abdulla Rashim's shadowy aesthetic floats in balance with his uncompromising work. Wholly dedicated to his ideas and sound, Rashim's quest for renewal and the importance of his craft has reflected well both internationally and locally, where he is praised alike. A listening ear and pure emotion is what his rhythms demand and what keeps him on top of his mission.

Varg comes from the northern forests of Ursviken, Skellefteå.Everything he records is live, takes without overdubs and when he plays live, he improvises his whole sets. He's a straight defender of music made in mono.
He's actually working on several projects for Northern Electronics, aside from Ulwhednar, as the new Varg 2xLP, a darkwave LP with SARS under the name Född Död and has also just finished two D.Å.R.F.D.H.S released with Michel Isorinne and a new 12'' with Hypnobirds on Clandestine. The new Varg material is more experimental than before.