Varg (Rome première)

Northern ElectronicsFuneral FogPeriferin

In techno, there are no rules. It is the sound of the future, a soundtrack for tomorrow. Reading up on Varg's history, a man who simply transferred his emotions from black metal into the electronics, he's a living example of how boundless his music and our genre is.

His impressive sound seem to stem from darkness at a first listen, being covered in deep layers of mesmerising rhythms and transcendent melodies, but giving his music a concentrated listen, it shows a person who is an expert in expressing himself through music.

Letting his story get told on Northern Electronics, his dawning LP 'Misantropen' was released in May, reflecting his first steady footed live improvisations. Like tracking a wolf during the cold Swedish winters, Varg's journey has just embarked, surely leaving ripple-like waveforms in all sorts of heads.