A chat with: Eli Verveine

Hi Tali, so, you are coming back in Rome after many years. What do you know and think about the italian electronic music scene?

My first visit in italy was 2004 when i attended the Red Bull music academy which took place in Rome. I had a great time and Rome is a beautiful city, soaked with history. I`m definitely in love with italian food, so it feels good to be there. A lot of great producers and dj`s coming from Italy and and there is a long history in electronic music.

Which record was the one which let you said: I'll be a dj?

I can not narrow it down to a record, it`s more the desire to share the music you love.

The worst situation you've find yourself in your career

Bad sound systems and broken needles

Who are your models?

Role models? My mom :)

You said that your favorite time to play is at sunrise, why?

I also like playing during prime-time. you just have to know there are musical boundaries, no experiments accepted. but it can be very nice if you have enough time.

My absolutely favorite time to play is at sunrise because you are free to play whatever you want.

Talk us about Tardis Records

I`m running the label together with Oscar Schubaq.
The idea behind the Label is to release music by artists which were deeply influential to us, mainly music from the late 90's. Like a journey through time. Next to our favorite artists productions we only add our own releases, which should mirror the philosophy behind the label to release music from the past and present.

Your future plans?

Well, still playing dj gigs, label work and production. Basically what i love most to do :)

Thanks and see you in Rome!!

Thanks! I`m really looking forward to come back!


Eli Verveine

Tardis Records

When someone like Marshall Jefferson speaks, you listen. And it’s definitely a compliment, what the House originator once told Zurich based DJ Eli Verveine: „You sound just like from my hood in Chicago.“. As flattering as such a notion is, and as rough and rumbling as her mixes can be, one would be hard-pressed to see Eli Verveine’s craft as a Windy City phenomenon.

Deejaying, it’s a mission. In the case of Eli Verveine, a long period of intense experimentation and self-discovery led to the sensitive, instinctive and insightful DJ she now is. Honing her skills at the legendary Dachkantine club or at her weekly radio show at Zurich’s Radio Lora, it was not before long that she garnered enthusiastic responses with her refined mix tapes: the most prominent of which Eli did for the reknowned techno doyens at the mnml ssgs-blog.

If Eli has a knack for something, then it’s probably to tell her story of the deep over the course of an evening. Though she also expertly likes to unroll the carpet as an intro dj. „When you garner the first screams from a crowd while playing your last tracks, then you can be certain you have done a good job.“ says Eli. Right. But let’s rather hope you see her playing that early-morning sunset-set (ok, let’s call it a „sun-set“): Trust in Eli and you will most likely be blown away by a high-octane affair. Swoosh!