A chat with: Svreca

From 2006 to today, how Semantica Rec. has changed? Did you find the definition of its sound and its place in the music scene?

Semantica has changed a lot in the last years and that transition still happening now. Is a natural growth linked to my own personality.
The sound definition for Semantica is something subjective and individual for each person; from the total ignorance of the existence of the label to a concrete approach and definition of the sound.
The rol of Semantica in the scene ? I´m sure is this one: +.

Do you keep doing everything alone, even for the corporate image and design of the label?

Yes, I love to do that work. Now I´m thinking about to change the image for the new year, let´s see what happen. Some of this change in design will be use real paintings from other artists, will be totally different from previous Semantica artwork.

The underground scene in Madrid: who enjoys and how (clubs, media, dj)

I think is a bad moment for Madrid in this terms. There´s always a group of people trying to make different things, but this movement are totally outside of the clubs circuit.

Your source of inspiration in the work (travel, books, people, food, places)

Places, and the emotions related to them.

You are a designer and a musician, who drags the other?

Not sure. Maybe I'm just a resource manipulator...

Oscar Mulero and Jeff Mills drove you to make music. Over the years, did you've found someone else who can do it?

In the last years I discover a name that mix and produce music in a way I´m still trying to understand. Dozzy really changed my mind in my first time at Labyrinth Festival.



Semantica Records

The Madrid based DJ and Semantica label boss Svreca creates slow-evolving techno sets that oscillate between experimental, listening and club music. Alongside the driving, rhythmical elements always present in his track selections, coulourings from all areas of experimental music are found, generating concentrated sets that reach far beyond the dance floor.