Nuel is an Italian DJ, live musician and producer who has a reputation for sculpting perfectly hypnotic and meditative sounds. He distills rhythm, groove and texture into powerful compositions that can be techno, can be ambient or can be trance inducing and wholly downtempo. He does so to stunningly absorbing effect in LP form on labels like Further and Aquaplano and as well as his solo concerns, Nuel is also a chief studio partner of Donato Dozzy: together the pair have put out many seminal deep techno, minimal and tribal soundscapes that are much fawned over.

Part of a new wave of Italian techno producers, Nuel isn't someone to sit still for too long. As well as those expensive and highly sought after Aquaplano EPs, he has also put out perfectly smooth and compelling drum & bass and electro beats and has recently been locked away working on a wealth of new material. In 2016 he releases EPs on a number of labels, as well as a sophomore full length on Seattleā€™s Further Records in 2016 entitled Hyperboreal.

As a DJ, Nuel is just as focussed on mood, texture and atmosphere and manages to suck people into his supple, shadowy yet surprizing techno-scapes whenever he plays. He layers up elongated synths, subtle bleeps and blips and a whole world of intergalactic motifs that make you feel as if you are flying through deepest darkest space or travelling to the centre of the earth. His sounds are expertly reduced yet masterfully impactful, always coming imbued with a cerebral sense of hypnotism that you simply cannot fake.